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    1. ​Applications can be completed via hard copy (use ink) or type, and mailed or Emailed to the IHWHA. 
    2. Application must be completed in full; missing information may cause the application process to be delayed and may cause the application to be rejected. 
    3. Clear color photographs of the horse’s front, back and both sides are required, along with any distinguishing markings, such as a brand. This applies to all horses, no matter what color. 
    4. Registration of adult horses who are already registered elsewhere: Provide IHWHA with a completed pedigree form and a completed  DNA results form along with a payment of Forty Dollars ($40.00) and a request for IHWHA registration form. Horses which are already Heritage Certified can be converted to IHWHA registration by sending in a request and $10 to cover postage and supplies. 
    5. Name changes are accepted after they have been reviewed and approved. (See #4  for clarification). 
    6. Color changes are permitted if a horse changes color over time. Photographs of color changes will be required. 
    7. Foal Registration:
      To be registered, foals of IHWHA registered horses must parentage verify through DNA testing. The cost to DNA test will be $35. Foals can be registered at any time; IHWHA is not designating a time limit on foal registration so owners can accurately draw in markings and coloring.

    1. Changes and/or corrections are permitted in the following cases listed below at no  charge: 
      1. IHWHA caused an error in spelling the horse’s name.  
      2. IHWHA caused an error in the horse’s pedigree. 
      3. IHWHA caused an error in the DNA confirmation, color test results, and/or any other information directly on the registration papers. .
    2. Changes and/or corrections other than listed above are permitted at the discretion of the IHWHA and  require  a small fee.
    3. The owner of the horse must fill out a corrected Registration Form and submit the required fee if applicable before the changes can be made.
    4. Only fill out the portions of the form where the correction and/or change is needed.
    5. If requesting to change or update the horse’s photographs or color, pictures of the horse from the front, back and both sides are required.

    1. Names can be a maximum of 25 characters, to include letters, numbers and/or spaces. Excessive symbols are not allowed.
    2. Names of previous Walking Horses that are deceased are not allowed. 
    3. Names that are currently trademarked and/or service marked are not allowed unless proof has been submitted showing permission to use such marks. 
    4. Names that are discriminatory against any race, sex, lifestyle, religion, and/or working class are not permitted. 
    5. Curse words are not permitted. 
    6. Name changes are permitted by review, see Rule 4 for clarification and eligibility.

    1. Name changes are granted after they have passed the review process and have been properly filed with IHWHA,  provided the horse has no progeny. 
    2. The official registration certificate and appropriate fee must accompany the name change request form. 
    3. If IHWHA has caused error in the spelling of the horse’s name, the owner may request a correction to the certificate, as long as it is submitted on the required form and the official registration certificate accompanies it. IHWHA errors will be corrected free of charge.​​

    1. The colors, color modifiers and markings accepted are based on Dr. Phillip Sponenberg’s text book  Equine Color Genetics 2009 edition. 
    2. With a color modifier, the base color of a horse must be indicated on the application form. 
    3. IHWHA reserves the right to correct the color and/or markings indicated on the application to match what is genetically possible. Owners will be contacted via email before registration certificate is issued. 
    4. Color test results are welcome and encouraged to be included with the application. 
    5. Clear photographs of the horse’s front, back, and both sides are required, along with any distinguishing markings, such as brands. The current list of accepted colors is printed on the registration application. 

    1. In the event a horse is rejected for registration, the application and supporting documents shall become the property of the IHWHA. Half of the registration fee accompanying a copy of the application will be returned to the applicant, providing all fees have been paid. 
    2. When an application for registration is rejected, an appeal may be made to the Board of Directors. 
    3. In the event that an owner requests that a registration be canceled, the application and supporting documents become the property of the IHWHA, and the fees will not be refunded. 

Registration procedures